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Hi there! I'm Trang, a Nutrition, Wellness and Mindfulness Coach and a Psychiatric Pharmacist.

I help people who struggle with Emotional Eating due to stress, anxiety and depression and have unwanted weight gain by providing nutrition, wellness and mindfulness coaching so that they can break free from that cycle. 

I empower people to discover the healthiest version of themselves with sustainable eating habits and medication optimization to nourish, energize, and strengthen their body and mind!

Here's a FREE guide called "How to Decrease Sugar Cravings and Stop Emotional Eating" so you can get started yourself!


Live A Life Of Nourishment

The Nutritious PharmD is based out of Berkeley, California.


Through in-person and virtual sessions (or virtual only), I get to know your mental and medical history and health goals to create a personalized nutrition and wellness plan that empowers you to make long-term improvements in your life to improve your mental health symptoms by focusing on The 8 Pillars of Living a Whole & Nutritious Life.



  1. Empowered Eating

  2. Drink Up

  3. Sweat Often

  4. Sleep Deep

  5. Stress Less

  6. Nurture Yourself

  7. Live Consciously

  8. Love & Connect More

If you are struggling with Emotional Eating due to stress, anxiety and/or depression AND have unwanted weight gain and want to break free from the vicious cycle and step into the BEST, healthiest version of yourself and experience true food freedom, I can help you do that, and I am here to support you every step of the way!

"Let Food be Thy Medicine
and Medicine be Thy Food."

How Can We Work Together?

I provide one-on-one in-person and online consultations that center around identifying your triggers that cause you to turn to food for comfort, understanding your emotions and the resulting reactions, practicing strategies to change your mindset about food and emotion and develop a healthier relationship with food. 

My area of specialty is Nutritional Psychiatry, which is the practice of improving a client's diet and nutrition to provide greater symptom relief and achieve well-being both physically and mentally. 


As a nutrition & wellness coach, mom, and yogi, I have always believed in the power of food and movement to heal the body and mind. I want to help others learn the tools to make life-changing improvements to their diet and lifestyle to improve their mental health symptoms, relationship with food and get one step closer to inner harmony and peace of mind.

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The Empowered Nutrition Program

This is a 6 month, 14 session, highly individualized plan with an expert who is truly on your team! 


You'll gain the confidence to take control of your physical and mental health with a thorough understanding of The 8 Pillars of Living A Whole and Nutritious Life.


The Program Includes:  

  • Nutritional Interventions specific to your mental health conditions

  • Achievable food and behavior-change (without the overwhelm)

  • Mindset & Mindfulness exercises for Emotional Eating

  • Supportive coaching calls and compassionate guidance

  • Accountability and support with check-ins and troubleshooting

  • Customized meal plans and recipes aligned with your goals

  • Resources for habit tracking and journaling to help you monitor your progress

Are You Ready To Feel Happy, Healthy & Energized? 

Fresh Produce

Nutrition Coaching

 We will work together to identify the triggers that cause you to eat emotionally and learn mindfulness based tools and strategies to help you shift your habits and behaviors in those situations. 

If weight loss is a part of your health goals, I will teach you the tools to develop sustainable eating habit-changes, focusing on nourishing your body with nutrient-dense, whole foods to increase your energy and improve your mood. 

I will provide nutritional and lifestyle modifications that will improve your energy, focus and mental clarity! 




Consistency is the key to success in any endeavor.

I will guide you through a holistic journey of transformation addressing every aspect of your lifestyle, including diet, medication, exercise, sleep, and stress (just to name a few), to care for your WHOLE self as you work towards a life of inner harmony, balance and food freedom.

Ready to become the best version of you?

Interested In Learning More About How You Can Break Out of the Cycle of Emotional Eating?

Check out my latest blog posts for science-based tips and tricks for living a healthier lifestyle and recipe ideas that are not only delicious but nutritious too. 

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I've truly found my passion in helping my clients who struggle with Emotional Eating and have unwanted weight gain transform their relationship with food and therefore their relationship with themselves and step into a healthier and happier version of themselves!


My clients testimonials and seeing the improvements in their health is the highest compliment in what I do, and I'm proud to share their stories with you.

Trang was so incredibly helpful on my journey to becoming healthier and improving my physical well-being. I initially thought I went to her because I wanted to shed the "Covid-19," that I had put on during the pandemic, but she showed me that it was really so much more than that. Changing the way I ate, did not just bring about weight loss, but I also felt so much better. My skin looks better and I have become far less moody (as my family can attest). As a lifelong vegetarian, I have found that certain programs focus too much on meat as the only good source of protein. Trang was totally fine with my emphasis on tofu and beans instead. She provides a lot of options and is very supportive of my preferences.
As a peri-menopausal woman, I have been suffering from hot flashes and sleep issues for several years. I tried numerous homeopathic remedies and a few traditional drug therapies, none of which worked. What did finally work was a radical change in my diet! That's where Trang comes in. Her plan's focus on vegetables and protein, and a focus on eating throughout the day has really transformed my daily life. That doesn't mean it was always easy. Ice cream and donuts are good, but feeling energized and not moody is also good. Also, Trang has so much knowledge to share and well understands how the body works, so that really helps as well. All in all, I would highly recommend Trang for anyone looking to change their eating habits. Making lifestyle changes is not easy, but with Trang's support, it is possible.


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