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You've got plenty of options out there to help you with your struggles with Emotional Eating and unwanted weight gain—but here's why you should choose me as your Nutrition & Wellness Coach.

Nutritious Life Master Certified Nutrition And Wellness Coach 
Doctor of Pharmacy - University of the Pacific
Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist
200hr Yoga Teacher Training
Psychiatric Pharmacy
Healthy Weight Loss
Medication Optimization
Management of Chronic Medical Conditions
Yoga & Mindfulness

My Story As A Nutrition, Wellness and Mindfulness Coach

Hi there! 


My name is Trang, and my story of how I came on this path to follow my true heart's passion is story of personal transformation!


I myself have struggled with mental health conditions most of my adult life, and I know I am not alone in this, so many people struggle. For me, depression, anxiety and OCD are the conditions that I live with. 


In my young 20's I suffered a major depressive episode due to difficult life circumstances. In my young 30's I experienced postpartum depression triggered by severe sleep deprivation. 

When I had my second child, the anxiety was overwhelming.  And in the backdrop of this all was an ever present obsessive compulsive personality that developed as a result of physical trauma from a serious motor vehicle accident when I was 26. That is a lot for any one person to experience, but I know there are many people who have suffered so much more. 


Each time I was fortunate enough to have worked through the pain and severe discomfort with the help of medical treatment, therapy and a supportive network of friends and family. It was not easy, incredibly pain at times, but each time, I made it to the other side. But with my extensive mental health history I was very prone to depression and anxiety while trying to just be a human living in this world!


And then the pandemic hit. 


This may be a familiar story to you, too. With so much uncertainty, I struggled with anxiety, depression, and hopelessness, which led me to comfort myself with emotional eating. And I suppose I had been doing this all my life and didn't even realize it until now. 


I gained 15 lbs in two months, which perpetuated a vicious cycle that worsened my mental health.


Once I decided that enough was enough, I took my health into my own hands with a "health kick." I lost the weight with careful dieting and exercise, but I knew it would be a matter of time before I fell off the wagon, like most "yo-yo diets." This was a pattern that has repeated itself in the past for me.


This time, I committed to working with my long-time yoga teacher, a certified nutritionist who guided me through a transformational journey of understanding my emotional triggers and learning how to process them in a healthy way without food.  With careful nutritional and lifestyle changes, I was able to achieve drastic improvement in my mental and physical health. Now at 44, I am stronger mentally and physically than I have ever been in my life and want to help others discover the JOY and LOVE in learning how to care for this one WILD and PRECIOUS life! 

What Do I Stand For?

My values are likely important to you, too, in choosing a nutrition & wellness coach. Let me share some of my core values to help you determine whether or not we'll make a good partnership.



Coming from a medical and science background, I'm passionate about demystifying the myths behind nutrition and lifestyle habits to make them more accessible to you. I strive to maintain scientific accuracy in my program, but more importantly, I want them to be a practical approach you can stick to in the long run.

How Can We Work Together?

The Empowered Nutrition Program

I meet you where you are at ... and then take you a step further each time to get you to where you want to be.

My nutrition counseling and health & wellness coaching services are based in Berkeley, CA. I'm accessible for one-on-one consultations online and in person.


This 6 month, 14 session program empowers you to take control of your mental & physical health with science based nutritional interventions, mindful eating practices, personalized meal plans, and health education to support long-lasting change in your life based on The 8 Pillars of Living a Whole and Nutritious Life. 

Start Your Health Journey With My Guide
"How to Decrease Sugar Cravings and Stop Emotional Eating" 
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