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If you are ready to step into the BEST, healthiest and happiest version of yourself this Program is for you!


No matter where you are in your health journey, there's always room for improvement. If you are feeling like you are stuck and need help to break free of old thought patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you, I'm here to support you every step of the way. If weight loss is a part of that goal, I can help you with that too!


Land at a Weight that Feels Good to You!


Say goodbye to the emotional eating habits that lead to weight gain and replace them with healthier habits that will carry you through life.

Trying to lose weight is HARD!


Thinking you're going to eat less and exercise more isn't very effective for sustainable change—trust me. I've been there too.


During the first lockdowns from COVID-19, I struggled with the uncertainty, which brought on emotional eating habits, depression, and anxiety that seemed to perpetuate my weight gain. 


Through re-wiring my relationship to food, deepening my understanding of the science of emotion and nutrition, and a whole lot of self-love, I was able to lose my weight and keep it off while becoming the healthiest version of myself. AND my anxiety and depression symptoms improved drastically, which was the best part!


The reason why trending diets and excruciating exercise plans won't work in the long run is that there's so much more involved with losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight for your body. It quickly becomes unsustainable to maintain strict diets and workouts that leave you feeling drained. 


Sustainable weight loss involves every aspect of your LIFESTYLE, including what you eat, how much you exercise, hormone levels, stress management, how much sleep you get, and your relationship with yourself. 


On top of this, it's extremely difficult to find a program that works for you if you don't understand the science of emotion and nutrition, don’t have a support system in place, or lack a clear plan!


The good news is that I'm here to help as your nutrition consultant, health & wellness coach, and biggest cheerleader for your journey into a life full of energy, vitality and joy!


Here's how we can work together. 

The Empowered Nutrition Program — Berkeley, CA + Beyond

This is a Nutritious Life™ Certified, 14 session, 6 month journey based on the science of nutrition with a holistic approach to break free from the cycle of emotional eating, land at a comfortable healthy weight for your unique person and improve your mental health!


We'll examine your current medical and mental health conditions and establish personal wellness goals. I'll create a customized plan that will help you shed old habits that no longer serve you to make room for new habits that will help you reach your physical and mental health goals and, more importantly, sustain them for the long haul. 

If you're ready to step into the healthiest version of yourself, I'd love for you to join me in The Empowered Nutrition Program.

Healthy Diet

The Program Inclusions

Wellness Products


Fluctuations in mood & weight can emerge from drastic lifestyle changes like an underlying chronic health condition or as a result of medication. With my background as a psychiatric pharmacist, I can take a closer look at your prescribed medications and help you find ways to optimize the drugs to reduce the side effects and potential negative drug interactions.

What do People Say About The Empowered Nutrition Program

"I needed a life-changing method that would fit me and start me on my path to lose weight. My weight is a huge problem for me, especially now that I am the only family my daughter has now. I want to be around for my daughter. I want to watch my grandkids grow up. The Empowered Nutrition Program is very educational with easy, life-changing habits—Not only your eating habits. But I learned my eating triggers and how to replace them with healthy activities or healthier foods."


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